Zavia Saves you from Samira.

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By: northgate

You think you will suffocate inside Samira when you feel fingers probing her and grabbing you. It is Zavia who dangles you in front of her face by your leg. "My, my, it looks like my new little slave has made quite a mess of himself. We can't be playing with you all messy like that. It wouldn't be proper for the the new Sultana." They both laugh at her comments as you struggle helplessly.

"SERVANT !", she roars and a slave girl comes rushing in the room. "Strip this little one and wash him good. When you are done put him someplace for safekeeping until I call for him. Do you understand?", she tells the slave girl.

She nods her head in indicate yes and carefully takes you from Zavia into the palm of her hand. She closes it encasing you in a tight fist, bows to her Sultana and back out of the room.

"Don't lose him or damage him or it will be your head", Zavia tells her as she leaves.

She quickly carries you through the palace far from the harem or your royal bedchambers which are now occupied by Zavia. You think you need to get back to the lamp but you are getting further and further away. The slave girl arrives at a crude wash room that it looks like it is for the servants if they get dirty. She drops you in a wash basin and looks you over.

You tell her, "I am the sultan and I need you to help me." but she just giggles at you and then sets about to strip your clothes from you. She is a good looking girl and could have been in your harem. She has long dark hair and dark tan skin and a face of an angel. But she don't feel like an angel as she tears at your clothes to remove them. She carelessly throws them to the side and then adds soapy water to the basin which is not nearly hot enough for your liking but she doesn't seem to care. Then you see her pick up a scrub brush that is bigger than you to scrub you clean and you frantically signal no knowing what that brush would do to you. You lie down in the soapy water and clean yourself showing her you cxan wash yourself and she giggles at the sight.

You are finishing up when a second slave girl comes in and whispers something to the first. They both laugh and you are sure it is at your expense. You are plucked out of the basin and dried off by the first girl with a small hand towel. She lays you out in her palm and runs her fingertip down your body giving special attention to your member and it goes to attention and they both laugh. Then her friend tries the same but she rubs your member between her fingertips until you can't take it and squirt onto her. Shje laughs and licks her fingertips.

However the slave girl isn't happy and has to give you a quick wash and dry again. They leave this room and carry you off to ...

Your choices:

  1. a storeroom to find something to keep you in.
  2. the royal jeweler to fit you into Zavia's newest accessory

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