A Fourway !.

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By: northgate

Adara has no choice but to obey the Sultana. She strips naked and climbs into the massive bed while still holding you in her now trembling hand.

"Let us see the little toy, slave.", Zavia orders and Adara drops you into Samira waiting hands. Samira holds you tightly anxious to get another chance to finish you off.

Adara is on her back and both of the other girls are on each side of her. "He's is quite messy. Maybe the slave should clean him off", Samira suggests and Zavia nods in agreement. Samira climbs on top of Adara and sits on her chest." "Lick him clean", she orders and dangles you over Adara's mouth forcing her to lick you clean with her only her tongue.

When Samira is satisfied with the job she moves up so her pussy is right in Adara's face. "My turn, slave. I want some good tongue action." Adara complies afraid of what may happen to her otherwise but it continues to get worse. Samira places you in front of her now dripping wet pussy and orders Adara to push you into her using only her tongue. Adara again complies and you are shoved into the hot Egyptian's pussy. She rolls back and off of Adara and squeezes her legs together. "Struggle, little one", she roars, "I want to feel you in there." You obey fearful of what she might do to you otherwise and she rolls over have wave after wave of orgasms from your struggles.

Meanwhile, Zavia has mounted Adara to force her into a repeat performance. The poor slave girl is pummeled as Zavia squeezes Adara's head between her thighs and grinds her pussy into the slave's face. When Zavia is finished with Adara she kicks her out of the bed and onto the floor. Zavia screams for the slave to get out and Adara grabs her clothing and runs out naked leaving you still trapped inside Samira.

Zavia and Samira rejoin in the bed kissing and laughing about their fun with the slave girl. Being Sultana means never having to say you are sorry. You try to escape but Samira holds tightly in her pussy as she kisses the Sultana.

Your choices:

  1. They remove you from Samira.
  2. Samira decides to keep you inside for a while

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