Three Way with Zavia and Samira

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By: northgate

Adara obeys without question and sets you down between these two naked giantesses and retreats to a chair in a far corner of the room. You look to each side of you and see huge naked breasts surrounding you which would normally would arouse you. However this time you are fearful and rightfully so as Zavia who is lying on her side lifts you up and sets you on the inside of her lower breast. She giggles and a moment later she and Samira are in a close embrace trapping you between their hot breasts. You can barely breath much less move to escape. You hear there hearts race and the sounds of them kissing above you.

When they release you fall to the bed between them and Zavia picks you up and plays with your naked body to get you erect. You can't resist her touch and she smiles knowing this. She rolls on her back and hands you to Samira. "Now use the little one to please your Sultana.", she tells Samira who closes her hand on you trapping you in her tight fist. She glares down at you as she changes position. You are an intruder in her private time with her Sultana and she doesn't appreciate this. You realize she will make you pay for this intrusion when you see she has positioned herself between Zavia's thighs and you see the Sultana's exposed pussy in clear view.

Samira takes so oil on her fingertips with her free hand and begins plays with Zavia with her moistened fingertips which has an immediate reaction. Zavia moans from this play and Samira smiles at her reaction. She then coats you in the oil and whispers with a smile , "Do you think you can survive in there?" and shoves you in headfirst. At first she continues to pump you in and out causing Zavia to moan lounder but then she plunges you in even deeper and leaves you there.

It is hot, dark and the smells are overwhelming and you can not get out. You realize that Zavia has brought her legs together and Samira has now climbed back up on top of her and they are kissing while you are trapped below suffocating inside her. You fight to get out but that only brings more ectasy to Zavia.

After a long time of this torture, you think you are about to pass out when fingers reach in and retrieve you from deep inside Zavia. You look up through bleary eyes and see you are in the palms of ...

Your choices:

  1. Samira who wishes to exact revenge on you
  2. Adara who wants to rescue you

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