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By: northgate

You choose the bedchamber figuring that it has to be better than the harem with the demands of 19 other girls. Zavia smiles at your choice. However, you soon realize that the new Sultana of your kingdom may be too busy for you. After the first night she leaves you in a ornate hanging golden birdcage to languish around waiting for her to return and entertain herself with you. As the days go by your time with her becomes less and less. Your only company during her absence is the young slave girl who cleans the bedchamber. She comes up to your cage which hangs at her eye level and coos at you like you are some type of bird. You try to talk to her but she just giggles back to at you to shy to respond. She is probably about 18 or 19 years old with dark olive skin and a beautiful face. After a few days of this she tries to poke her slender finger through the cage bars to touch you and after some hesitation you allow her to reach you and stoke you softly.

Eventually Zavia become aware of this situation and instead of punishing this poor girl she tells her is is to be promoted and now responsible for my care including feeding me and washing me. Apparently, Zavia has tied of you now that she has obtained her dream of power however she isn't ready to give you up as one of her prized possessions.

Your new caretaker's name is Adara and Zavia soon move you both into a smaller nearby bedchambers so she will not be interrupted by Adara's work. She calls on Adara whenever she wants to spend time with you and play with you but this becomes more infrequent. Meanwhile, Adara has much more time with you and has taken to having you kiss her body which she gets great pleasure from. You start to wonder if this transformation of Adara from a caregiver to someone who wants to be pleasured is Zavia's doing. You suspect she questions the girl about you when you aren't around and gives her all kinds of ideas. Adara will lie on the bed with me and place me next to whatever she desires I kiss. If I hesitate she will give me a painful squeeze without so much of a word. Her favorite spots are the inside of her thighs, her breasts and feet. I'm am sure that last one was at Zavia's suggestion. She isn't much of a talker either treating me more like a pet or toy than a person. She may ask me a question like if I am hungry but if I
try to start talking, she'll just giggle and drop me to her feet to give her a foot massage and kisses. I've learned not to ask her too much. Also, these kissing sessions could go on for a long time sometimes even hours as she lies there and soaks it in.

However, these sessions never goes beyond kissing and she keeps her womanhood covered and me away from it. One time I was kissing the inside of her thigh and I slowly approached her pussy which smelled warm and sweet. However before I could touch it she grabbed me up in a fist and scolded me. She smacked my backside which stung and put me back in my cage for the day. Apparently she had her limits.

At this same time, I was no longer being called upon by the Sultana Zavia. It turns out that she had taken up with one of the harem girls named Samira. I didn't know who she was or what to think about this situation so I was surprised when ...

Your choices:

  1. Zavia comes to see Adara and I
  2. Zavia calls for me to come to her bedchambers

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