Zavia lets you get the Lamp

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By: northgate

You think your luck is changing when Zavia put you down next to the lamp. You run up to it and blow on it as hard as you can. Within a moment smoke starts to emerge and the genie is forming.

Zavia put two and two together and figures out what just happened and is quick to react. She gives you a push with her foot and steps on you. It's not enough to cause permanent damage but you are pinned on your back with your mouth muffled by the sole of her foot.

Jasmine looks confused for a moment. "I thought my master....", she trails off for a moment, "You my mistress who summoned me are granted three wishes.", she continues looking over Zavia with some suspicion.

Zavia responds, "I wish to be queen and absolute ruler of this palace and all the land of the kingdom."

The genie blinks and Zavia outfit is transformed into royal gowns. She admired her new outfit and says, "Nice job genie. Now return while I ponder my other two wishes." Jasmine nods and returns to her lamp. Zavia picks up the lamp and releases you from under her foot at the same time. She places the lamp on a high shelf and comes back to you. Looking down at you she smiles and says, "Look I have become queen and I didn't even have to marry you. And since I am in such a good mood now, I'll give you a choice. Would you like to stay here in my new bedchambers as my personal slave fulfilling my every whim or should I turn you over to some of the harem girls to teach you tricks to entertain me as my tiny jester."

You hesitate thinking this isn't much of a choice and she says, "Pick quickly or I'll decide for you."

You choose...

Your choices:

  1. her bedchamber
  2. the harem

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