Agree to Marry Zavia

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By: northgate

This sexy giant girl has her feet in your face right now and you are helpless as she tortures you with them. You quickly figure you'll agree to make her queen and you can double cross her once you get the lamp and your size back. "I agree. Please stop", you tell her and she immediately grabs you up in her hands and hugs you against her chest tightly.

"Finally, my dream will come true. I will be your one and only queen and we will rule together forever. I am so happy", she tells you as she dances around the room with you pinned to her chest in a hug. She follows her dance by covering you in kisses and more hugs.

"First you need to take me to my chambers. I need to get some things", you tell her.

She quickly agrees and tucks you in her top between her breasts. You grab the material of her top to keep from falling through and your chest in level with her plunging neckline keeping your head above the material and giving you a view of where you are headed. She heads back through the harem and encounters a couple of the girls.

"Wait a minute Zavia", a tall blond who looks Swedish says, "Hand over the sultan. The rest of us want our turn with him."

Zavia doesn't miss a step as she keeps walking, "Sorry girls, but he just proposed marriage to me. We are off to make arrangements."

She leaves them behind and you can hear the girls murmur as the news quickly spreads. However Zavia is not waiting for a reaction as she quickly makes her way through the massive palace. You arrive back at your chambers. "What do you need before we go to make our arrangements, my sultan?", she asks you.

You see the lamp on the floor and you tell her to put you down on the floor next to it.

She ...

Your choices:

  1. puts you down next to the lamp.
  2. decides you won't need the lamp anymore.

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