Zavia's Foot Massage

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By: northgate

"You wish to know me better, little sultan?" she asks, with a mischievous half-smirk: "Then, why not start by familiarizing yourself...with my FEET?"

Before you can utter any kind of protest, Zavia has nimby spun about, one hundred eighty degrees, so that you are now facing the soles of her talented tootsies. The next second, however, she does more than that. She extends her legs slightly further, so that you are now trapped BETWEEN her feet!

You try to shout out the word, "no." But, all that comes out is a rhythmic chant of:

"Nnnnnph! Nnnnnph! Nnnnnph! Nnnnnph!"

Because, her right foot pushes your face into the toes of her left foot, while her left heel begins to massage your manhood. Arousing you again, and again...and again!

"Well, little sultan? Will you agree to make me your queen consort? Or, will you spend the rest of your days as my personal foot-slave?"

Your choices:

  1. You breakdown and agree
  2. You steadfastly refuse.

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