Alexis' First Lesson

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By: northgate

Alexis takes a handful of gold coins and hands them to Chloe. "Here, go into town and buy us food for a celebration and I'll cook it for us tonight.", she tells her sister. "Buy all of your favorite things." Her sister gleefully collects the coins and leaves happily. Then Alexis turns her attention to you. She opens the cage door and grasps you in her fist. "Hmmm", she muses looks like we'll have some time alone to get better acquainted." She goes over a deep cushioned chair and sits down. She drops you to the floor by her foot. "You may be my little sister's pet but I can make life very difficult for you or I can go easy on you if you obey my every whim. So what will it be?", she asks you.

You crane your neck to look up at her far above you. "I don't know what you want from me. You need to get me back to the palace.", you tell her.

She slips her bare foot out of its sandal and the sole of her foot presses down on you forcing you flat face down on the carpet. "I expect you to beg for mercy, little one or I may accidentally step on you which I suspect would hurt a lot."

She releases the pressure and positions her foot in front of you taps her toe impatiently. "Now what will it be?", she asked again.

You stand up and say, "I'm sorry. You are beautiful and I will do whatever you say." trying to butter her up.

Her foot come down on you again crushing you into the carpet. "On your hands and knees, slave", she roars at you.

You recover and this time knowing better get on her hands and knees and cry out, "I'm sorry, mistress. You are all powerful. Please let me exist to be your slave. Please do not hurt me."

She smiles at your response. "That's much better, slave. As a reward for learning so quickly you may massage my toes and kiss each one like you love them with all your heart.", she laughs.

You know what will happen otherwise and you quickly comply wrapping your arms around her big toe and massaging it with all your might while kissing it at the same time.

She is enjoying this treatment and before you can fish the first toe she lifts her leg in the air straight out leaving you hanging into the toe in what seems to be 20 or 30 feet off the ground. "Please mistress, put me down before I fall.", you cry out.

She laughs at you, "I just want a better look at you kissing little slave. Keep going and I want to see your little tongue too."

You comply holding on for dear life as she continues to laugh at you. Once she is satisfied she lowers her foot to the ground and orders you to do the other nine toes. You finish and are exhausted for all the work.

"Good job, slave", she tells you as she pets you on the head with her big toe. She finishes and picks you up and takes you back to the cage. "I think we will be good friends, little man. I have a lot of ideas on how to use you." SHe closes the cage door and adds, "One more thing. This is our secret. Don't tell my sister about our sessions or you will regret it." She emphasizes her point with a poke in your stomach.

Chloe returns with the groceries and sets them down and Alexis starts to go through them sorting them out and putting them away. Chloe comes over to the cage and puts her finger through and strokes you. "Did you miss me, my little man", she purrs to you.

You shakes your head yes not sure what will happen and not wanting to anger this giantess.

"That's sooo cute. We'll I'm going to help Alexis and maybe after we eat we can play a game together." She turns and goes back to her sister in the kitchen to help.

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  1. Dinnertime with Alexis and Chloe

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