Chloe Returns with the Lamp

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By: northgate

You waken from a deep sleep and sense you are being watched. You are lying on a small pile of soft cloth as you fully wake up. You roll over and see you are being watched by the older sister, Alexis.

"You must have really be tired", she says as her finger comes down and strokes your body, "My sister left a little over an hour ago and you've been asleep for hours. Don't worry, little one. Soon we will have the lamp and we will all get our rewards." She continues to gently stoke you. "Do you think I'm beautiful? Do you think I could be your queen?"

You sit up. "Oh, yes.", you tell her hoping to play into her favor, "You are beautiful. Once you are rich, you can dress the part and everyone will know you are the most beautiful woman in the kingdom and everyone will desire you." She seems to buys this as she keeps asking me inane questions along this line while waiting for her sister to return. She really is one of those people that is naturally beautiful and if she was cleaned up and dressed proper would be very desirable. We are up most of the night and she does various chores while talking to me.

Finally her sister arrives and produces the lamp that is hidden under her garments. I am on the table and I jump up and down shouting for her to give it to me but instead she ignores my pleas and hands it over to her sister how eyes it up. "Give it to me now", I shout but instead Chloe grabs me up.

"What a funny little man, giving us orders", she laughs as she squeezes me in her fist and pets my head with her fingertip.

"We need to check and make sure this is the right lamp. we wouldn't want you to get hurt", she tells me as she continues to look the lamp over. She breaths on it and rubs it with her arm and smoke immediately comes out of the lamp and forms into the beautiful Jasmine.

"Quick genie, change me back to full size", I yell at Jasmine but she ignores me and turns toward Alexis.

"Hmmm, quite a change in scenery", Jasmine observes out loud as she looks at the room we are in. She turns back to Alexis and says, "Your wishes are my command, mistress."

"Tell her to restore me now", I yell at Alexis hoping this situation doesn't turn out bad for me.

"First comes my reward", Alexis replies to me. She turns back to the genie and says, "Let see how good of a genie you are. You don't seem to like our humble abode so I wish for a beautiful spacious house that overlooks the ocean".

As soon as she finishes speaking me are instantly transported to another place. It is a gorgeously decorated home and I hear and smell the ocean in the distance. Chloe starts running around the house with me still in her fist making me dizzy. "Please put me down.", I shout as she continues to run around. She hears me and hesitates for a moment and puts me down on a tall table near her sister and Jasmine as she goes off to investigate an outside balcony.

Before I can do anything I hear Alexis say, "That was very good, genie. Now for my reward that I was promised. I want unlimited riches."

Jasmine replies, "As you wish" and suddenly a chest overflowing with gold coins appeared before Alexis. "Spend what you wish", Jasmine tells her, "then close the chest and overnight it will magically refill. You will never run out of gold with this magic chest."

"There is only one wish left", you shout to Alexis, "You got what I promised you now you need to make me big again."

Just then Chloe runs back in to the room, "I want a wish too. You told me I'd get a wish too, Alexis.

"OK, Chloe.", Alexis replies, "What is it that you want?"

"I want to keep the little man as our pet so we can play with him all the time.", Chloe shouts, "You'd promised I'd get a wish too and that's what I want"

'Hmmm, this is a problem", Alexis thinks out loud, "Only one wish left and I promised to make him big and my sister want us to keep him. What to do? What to do?" She snaps her finger and says, "I've got it. Genie, I wish to grow this little man by 1 inch and make him our pet forever. Can you do that?"

"Of course", Jasmine says smiling and she blinks her eyes before you can utter a word. Instantly you are transported to a hanging bird cage in the same room you were just in. You've grown an inch but it barely makes a difference to you in this gigantic world. Jasmine blinks again and she and the lamp disappear. The two sisters come up to the cage which is eye level to them and look in at you.

"Hello there", Alexis says smiling. She puts her index finger through the bars and pokes at you. "Looks like we're going to be one happy little family here, little man". Then ...

Your choices:

  1. Alexis opens the cage and takes you out
  2. Chloe opens the cage and takes you out

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