Leaving the Palace

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By: northgate

You figure you've come this far and you aren't going back to those sex craving girls of the harem not until you at least get your size back. You approach the girl walking right down the center of the hall and stop a few feet in front of her and call out, "You girl. Come here".

She hears you in the quiet palace halls and looks at you curiously not sure what to make of you, a four inch man in royal looking robes. She kneels down in front off you to get a closer look.

"I am the sultan. You will take me to my private bedchambers now", you order her.

She reaches out cautiously and gently picks you up and stands to her full height still looking you over without saying a word.

"What is the matter with you girl? Are you mute? Take me to my bedchambers now", you repeat.

Her look turns to a smile and she drops you into a large deep pocket on the dress she is wearing.

You bounce around in her pocket and you're not sure where you are going but you are pretty sure it is not your chambers. After a long trip in which you hear many different and strange sounds from inside her pocket, her hand comes in and reaches for you. It is hopeless to resist as she grasps you and withdrawal you out of her pocket and deposits you on a small rough wooden table. You look around and see you are a very small house that could be best described as a hovel. There are several candles burning nearby for light and a few pieces of rough furniture. You look up and standing over you is the slave girl who brought you here.

"He's so cute. I had to bring him to show you. Isn't he cute?", she asks aloud.

You turn around and there is a taller and older girl also looking down at you curiously. You assume they must be sisters. You look up at her and say, "I am the sultan. I need you to take me back to the palace and to my chambers immediately."

"That what he keeps telling me.", says the younger sister, "Isn't he funny?"

Her sister bends down and looks at you closer. "I think he is the sultan." She picks you up and hold you in a fist at eye level. "And why exactly should we do anything for you. You have treated our people like garbage.", she says with disdain".

"Because if you do me this favor, I will shower you with riches beyond your imagination", you tell them trying to tempt them into helping you.

"OK, maybe you are the sultan and will reward us. But first I need some answers", the older girl tells you, "like why are you so small and how do we know you won't cheat us once you get back to the palace? Also, that place is guarded and they are not about to let a couple of girls like us into the inner palace"

"You just need to take me.", you insist but she tightens her grip on you squeezing the air from your lungs and threatening to crack ribs.

"I think you'll tell me first and then we'll work on how to get you inside the palace", she replies, "Now talk!"

You tell her you possess a magic lamp and that the genie shrank you and you need to get back to the lamp to be restored as they both listen with wide eyes in amazement. "Now will you help me?", you ask.

"OK, well even if we wanted to help you we can't because there is no way for us to get into the inner palace where only royalty is allowed.", the older sister tells you.

"Well your sister seems to know how to get in. That's where she found me.", you reply.

"Is that true?", she asks her sister, "Do you go into the inner palace?"

"I guess", she answers, "It's late at night and it's where they tell me to sweep up the hallways. They told me a get that job because I'm so quiet."

"OK", the older girl tell you both, "Tonight, when you sweep up, you will go to the sultan's bedchambers and take the magic lamp and bring it back here for our new little friend."

"Wait, that's not right.", you tell her, "She needs to sneak me in there and ...."

The older sister cuts you off with another squeeze, "No this is our plan. This way you won't cheat us." She hands you over to her younger sister. "I need to go work now. Chloe, you need to watch him till I get back and we'll get the lamp tonight."

"OK" the younger girl replies as her sister leaves. Chloe sits at the table to eat something and puts you down. You get to talk to her for a while and she is very friendly although a little slow. She gives you something to eat and drink and you find out her story. Their father died in a war and their mother works far away and they rarely see her. They both have jobs in the palace and have been fortunate to keep this place. Chloe cleans the palace floors at night and her sister Alexis works in the kitchen. Chloe yawns while talking to you and was probably up all night. She lies down on the only bed in the room and cuddles you close to her chest.

You lie there close to her and fall asleep. You do not think of escape this time because you are hopeful of getting the magic lamp and where would you go in this slum.

Your choices:

  1. Sleep tight and hope for the best for tomorrow's night

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