Navigating the Halls of the Palace

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By: northgate

You decide you've had it with these giant harem girls and will do whatever it takes to avoid them until you are full size again. You quietly work your way around them although this is adding time to your trip and how far you are getting away from Zavia before she realizes you've taken off on her.

Your tactic works and you make it around the girls and to the exit of the harem. The door is ajar and you slip out undetected into an empty hallway. You are feeling pretty confident that you will make it back to the lamp and will soon be restored to normal. You scurry down the hall along the wall. Although you are only four inches tall you could still be spotted.

You spin around a corner and suddenly you are faced with a big problem. There is a slave girl about thirty feet in front of you sweeping the hall and heading toward you. This is the only way you know to get back to your private chambers so you have no alternative other than retreating back to the harem.

You look this girl over. She is young although no younger than the youngest harem girl. She is dressed in rags with bare feet but she has a natural beauty about her that makes her very attractive. Still she is only a slave and you are confident that you can command her to help you. Should you ....

Your choices:

  1. Approach her and order her to help you
  2. Retreat back to the harem and wait for the next night to try again

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