Escape from a Sleeping Zavia

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By: northgate

Zavia quickly falls asleep with her tiny lover tucked in between her breasts. You can't fall asleep knowing the situation you are in and you think about your choices. You could stay with this hot girl who just wants to please you but probably have an agenda to become your wife. She's power hungry and may never restore you. However, the unknown could be more dangerous.

You think over the options in the darkness and come to the conclusion that Zavia is nothing but trouble. You need to get back to the lamp which is in your private bedchambers far away. From what you remember it is across the harem chambers and then down a long series of corridors which you think you remember from your previous trip with the blond. However, the trip will probably take the whole night to travel.

You carefully extricate yourself from Zavia's breasts and makes his way to the edge of the bed. There are sheets hanging over and allowing you to climb to the floor. You quickly run to the door hoping you didn't stir Zavia and you look out to the main harem chambers. It alone is a massive room compared to these bedchambers and the corridor you need is at the opposite end. The lights in the harem are low but you clearly hear girls talking softly somewhere nearby. You start out in a straight line across this massive room to minimize time and you hope you don't run into anyone.

It is difficult to navigate in the low light and size of everything around you but if you stay in the open you can see the door way that leads to the correct corridor. You continue your way and suddenly you stop as you see your way is blocked my two harem girls lying on pillow in front of your path and quietly talking.

It's decision time. Do you ...

Your choices:

  1. Take a wide path around them which will waste precious time
  2. Go forward. The light is low and you are small. You won't be detected.

Retrieved September 13, 2016