Zavia's Bedchambers

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By: northgate

Zavia retires to her personal bedchamber with you trapped in her fist. She drops you on her pillow and climbs into the bed with you. She is on all fours over you smiling down at you. "Oh little master. I want to be more than your dancer. I want to be your first and only wife too.", she tells you softly as she swoops down and covers you with sweet and soft kisses. Her fingers come up and tug at your robes opening them and exposing your manhood to her.

"Oh, it is so tiny but Zavia can still pleasure you.", she says as her tongue descends on you giving you an instant hard on. Her lips wraps around your tiny member and she gently sucks up and down. You are unable to resist this treatment and quickly cum for this gorgeous girl who wants nothing more than to please you. She continues licking and kissing you until you are spent lying back enjoying the feeling.

So rolls on her side next to you and plays with you lightly with her fingers. "So master, did I satisfy your desires? Am I worthy to be your wife and queen of your kingdom.", she asks smiling.

You think fast knowing you don't want this to get any deeper than it already has gotten You still need to get her to take you back to the lamp. "You're quite charming, my dear", you start out, "but a barely know you. So far you are my favorite, perhaps in time...."

She looks a bit annoyed as she thinks what to do next and decides ...

Your choices:

  1. to snuggle you between her breasts and sleep on it
  2. change her tact and force you to rub down her tired feet

Retrieved September 13, 2016