Zavia of Hindustan

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By: northgate

Before you can protest, you find yourself transferred into another pair of hands. And, once again, you cannot order your newest captor to release you. Only, this time, it's because she's holding you too tightly. You cannot inhale enough air to verbalize such a demand!

"Hello, my sultan," says the bellydancer. A lovely Hindustani giantess with long black hair...and skimpy blue clothing. The transclucent skirt is provocatively slit along both legs. And, the matching bra is half a size too small for her. Making her look almost as ample-chested as the redhead!

"I have been waiting many months to dance for you," she continues: "To show you that I, Zavia, deserve to be first among your concubines. But, now, I can do more."

Whereupon, you find yourself being stuck inside her cleavage, facing inwards. So, that, if you want to look this woman directly in the eye, you have crane your head upward!

That's how you see her gazing down at you, with a most predatory grin on her face. And, you soon perceive why, as her undulations--slow and gentle, at first--begin to gradually increase in rapidity. Simultaneously, she raises her arms above her head, and begins clanging the small pair of finger cymbals on each one. She also begins twirling around and around.

She does this so fast, that you begin to feel motion-sick. But, you're wedged in too tightly, and facing the wrong direction, to do any up-chucking! Mercifully, however, she finally decides to slow down.

When she comes to a complete stop, Zavia removes you from her cleavage. She holds you in the palm of her right hand, and--from your prone position on the flat of your back--you look up at her. Seeing nothing but blurry multiple images of her smiling face.

"Oh! Did I tire you out, little sultan? Well, that is too bad. Because, that was just foreplay!"

And, she bids the tittering harem girls good night, as she takes you to her personal bedchamber.

Your choices:

  1. No Choice - You go with her

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