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By: northgate

You reply that, shrunken or not, you are still the sultan and must be obeyed. So, you order her to take you back to the main area of the harem.

"If you will not take me back to the lamp, then one of the other girls will do so."

But, once again, you have overestimated their willingness to blindly obey you in your current state.

The redhead does, indeed, carry you back to the main area. But, just before you can issue any orders, she turns you about and buries your face against her ample chest!

"The sultan now wishes to know which of you wants to enjoy his company next?"

You try to nay-say her, but all you can manage is an indignant "mmmmmmph!" As a result, the next harem girl to accept her offer is the chief belly dancer...

Your choices:

  1. Zavia of Hindustan
  2. Kendra of Ethiopia

Retrieved September 13, 2016