Stay with The Redhead

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By: northgate

Her comments about the harem worry you and although she plays a little rough you thought it might be wise to stay with this girl for the time being at least until you figure things out. You tell her you want to stay with her and she is excited to hear your decision. She tells you her name is Raelin and how lucky she is to get to spend more time with you.

Just as you are feeling comfortable she decides it is time to play some more and sets you astride her nipple. "You feel good up there", she purrs at you, "Now let's see how strong you are". She slowly repositions herself on the bed to sit up a little bit more at a time until she is almost sitting straight up. Meanwhile, you have to scramble to keep from falling and you also reposition to hang on. She is wearing several gold chains around her neck and you grab one to steady yourself.

She starts to shake her breast gently side to side but the effect makes it impossible to hold on and you swing off her breast but her save yourself with the chain you were holding but this is only momentary are you begin to lose your grip and slide down and get entangled in the bottom of the chains. You struggle to get free but in only gets worse and Raelin laughs at your predicament.

"Hold still", she orders you as she untangles you from the chains and lets you rest on her belly. You admire a diamond belly piercing that she has and she notices. "Too bad you aren't smaller. Then I could wear you as an ornament in my navel. Now that would be wild." She plucks you off her belly and dangles you in front of her face. She kisses you over and over. "You are so adorable. I could play with you forever.", she tells you. She continue to kiss you until you are hard as a rock. She notices this too and holds you in her hand and brings your penis to her lips and gently manipulates it.

You release a huge load but it is less than a drop to her and she licks it up. "I want to keep you so much but those girls will never let me so the best I can do is help you pick out your next girl so at least you won't get hurt. The girl Melek is young and inexperienced but you would be safe with her. I'm just afraid that she could be manipulated by the older girls. I still think she is the best choice to keep you safe. I'll talk to her to make sure nothing happens."

Just then a girl comes to the room a bit irritated. "Raelin you've been in the company of the sultan long enough. The other girls want a turn to."

"OK", Raelin says as she rises and straighten herself up. She carries you out to the main harem chambers and is looking for Melek to make sure she is close by when you offer the little sultan up. She finally sees her and shows her you in her fist. She whispers to her, "I will offer the sultan when you are nearby. Make sure to speak up loudly and he will be yours. When the time comes make sure he goes to someone we trust and he can keep him safe and with us."

Melak nods but she is unsure of what is going on but Raelin is her friend and she trusts her.

Raelin says, "Who would like the company of the sultan next?". Several girls including Melak speak up at once and an argument ensues over who should be next, Melak or Mingli, a tall Chinese girl with flowing black hair tied back into a ponytail. The girls all discuss it and the majority decides ...

Your choices:

  1. Melak was first to speak up
  2. Mingli is a senior girl and should get the sultan next

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