A Buxom Redhead

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By: northgate

A buxom redhead is the first to speak up and she lunges forward and grabs you up in her hands. The other girls laugh at your predicament as she carries you away to a small bedchamber adjacent to the harem's main area. You panic knowing that you are totally at this girls mercy and you are no where need the lamp so you can't get help.

She enters the room and drops you on the bed. She towers over you sways back and forth like she is dancing to music in her head. "So little master, we are alone and I am at your command. Just like your genie.", she giggles.

"Good", you reply feeling some relief. "Take me to the genie in my bedchamber.", you order her.

"But we just got here", she answers as she slowly removes her top her revealing to gigantic breasts. Her breasts would be huge if you were normal size but now they are monstrous and many times your size. "We need some pleasure time before we get back to business.", she purrs and licks her finger seductively and traces her fingertip around her nipple.

You try to back away from her to the far side of the bed but she is on you before you can get to far. She brings her breast down on you and with the slightest sway knocks you down. You roll on your back to try and get up only to see a giant nipple descend on you and crash into your face.

"Suck little one", she commands and you are forced to comply. The nipple fills your mouth and gags you. She backs off for a moment and you are able to gain your composure and resume trying to escape a she climbs the rest of the way on the bed and rolls over on her back. You get no more than a foot when her hand comes down on you and grabs you up. She drops you in the valley between her breasts and squeezes them together trapping you in a wall of warm flesh.

You can barely breath from the lack of air and the pressure but she is only amused by your struggles as they have no effect. After a long while of torturing you between her breasts she finally releases you. You are on all fours still between her towering tits just trying to get your breath back.

Her finger comes up and lightly strokes your back. "So my little sultan, would you like to stay with me for more fun or go back to the harem? However, I should warn you that some of those girls aren't as nice as me. They are downright sadistic so you better be careful."

Your choices:

  1. Stay with this redhead
  2. Have her return you to the harem

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