The Blond returns you to the Harem

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By: northgate

Whereupon, she grabs you up with both hands, pinning your own arms to your sides!

You try to order her to release you, but your tiny mouth is virtually gagged by her thumbs. Thus, you are helpless to do anything as she runs back to tell the harem what the genie said. And, when the rest of the girls hear this, they are initially wide-eyed and open-mouthed with amazement. Then, they collectively smile down at you.

Making you gulp with nervousness.

"Which of you wishes to be the next to have their way with our shrunken master?" asks the blonde. The first one to raise her hand in reply is...

Your choices:

  1. a stacked redhead
  2. a Chinese Girl
  3. a tall muscular brunette

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