Punishment for Not Appreciating Her

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By: northgate

Sonya decides she needs to teach you a lesson for not appreciating her. An idea comes to her and she takes you over to a dressing table and sets you down. "Now don't go anywhere my little sultan", she tells you and you look down to the distance to the floor and quickly realize there is no where for you to escape to. She goes back to the bed to get her clothing and dresses herself before returning to you.

Her hand descends on you and she gently strokes you. "You are so cute, I want you to be with me all the time then maybe you'll learn to appreciate me more. She opens a nearby jewelry box and you see it overflowing with all sorts of golden treasures and jewels. she fingers through the treasures and extracts a fine gold chain from the box and hold it up to examine it. She tells you, "If you appreciate me, you will give this to me as a gift." It is nothing special and of no concern to you especially in the position you are in. "Of course. I is yours. Keep it.", you tell her.

"Thank you", she responds and she picks you up and starts wrapping the chain around you until you are entangled in it. She holds the chain up dangling you from the end and admires you as you struggle helplessly. She puts the necklace on a on and you end up positioned against her chest. "One more adjustment", she said as she pulls her top out and tucks you inside firmly against her hot amble breasts. "Perfect", she says as she leaves your quarters to rejoin the harem with you tucked secretly away.

She heads to a common area to join several girls and get something to eat. As she chats with them, she decided to ...

Your choices:

  1. keep you tucked away for the time being
  2. takes you out to show the other girls

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