Some Private Time with Samira of Egypt.

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By: northgate

Samira of Egypt could be Cleopatra of Egypt with her looks. She grabs you from Sonya and takes you to a private room where she sets you on the floor and stands towering next to you. "My you are the tiny one", she laughs. She moves her bare foot and her big toe bumps you knocking you to your back making her look even larger.

She looks down at you lying helplessly and says, "Maybe I'll accidentally step on you and crush you. With the sultan dead they will release us and let us all return to our families." She raised her foot and all you see is the sole of her foot blocking your view. "It's been so long since I was home.", she continues.

You quickly roll out from under her foot and struggle to get to your feet as she slams her foot down inches from you. "Whoops, I missed.", she says, "You shouldn't be to hard to get."

You are in a full run heading for the bed as her foot slams down again right next to you. "you're a fast little bugger aren't you.", you hear her say as you make a full out run for the safety of under the bed and you make it as her foot slams down so close the impact pushes you under the bed.

She gets down on her hands and knees and looks underneath for you but you retreat further back. "I was just playing", she tells you, "the girls would kill me if I hurt you before they got to play with you. Come on out and I'll give you a big kiss and we can make up."

You don't believe her and hide as far back as you can but it is of no avail as she pulls the bed away exposing you. She flops down on the bed and hangs over the side right in front of you. "Peek a boo", she says and you start to run but you are no match for her as she scoops you up in her hand. "I told you I was just playing", she tells you, "Now I want to make it up to you. Tell me what part of my body is the most attractive?", she asks.

"I ... I ...I Don't t t t know", you stutter nervous of being in this powerful girls grasp.

"Do you like my ass?", she asks, "Come on and tell me",

You don't know what to answer or what is the right answer she is looking for. "Your breasts?", you say almost unsure of the reaction.

"Well I'm going to reward you and let you hand out with my breasts for a while", she giggles, "literally". She takes her necklace which is a gold chain and wraps it around your ankles leaving you hanging upside down and then stuffs you in between her ample cleavage. She adjusts herself and you are wedged helplessly between two massive walls of flesh. "I hope you enjoy it in there", she tells you as she goes out to rejoin the other girls.

Your choices:

  1. Samira decided to share you with another girl
  2. Samira decides to play with you some more.

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