Meet Neda of Persia.

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By: northgate

Neda of Persia is the lucky girl, dark petite and as beautiful as all the rest. She takes you over to a quiet part of the harem chamber to be alone with you. She is quiet and studies you carefully probing you and watching your response. She pulls open what is left of your robes from Sonya and sees your manhood which she also starts to play with giving you a huge hard-on that she notices and smiles.

You try to make conversation with her but she ignores you and keeps probing until she has worked your robes off and you are naked in from of her. Her manicured fingernail comes down and stokes your side. It tickles and you let out a laugh and she laugh in return. "You like my laugh?", you ask her but instead of a verbal response, she descends on you with both hands hitting every spot that might be ticklish making you laugh uncontrollably which she seems to enjoy. She then tries tickling the soles of your feet which are super ticklish and she delights in this discovery as keeps it up until you are ready to pass out from laughing so much.

You think this girl is strange but then she takes a silk and wraps you in it and ties it tight so only your head and feet are exposed and you are unable to move. She looks you over and then tickles your feet again and again enjoying the sound of your laughing torture. When she is done she takes you back to a private bed chamber where she plays with you some more. Finally she lays you on the bed as she leaves for her evening meal. You lie there helplessly since you are tied so tightly.

After a long while someone enters the room and you look up to see ...

Your choices:

  1. Neda has returned with food scrapes
  2. A new girl is here for you

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