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By: superfan

Stifling your vehement protests with her left boob against your face, she makes up her mind.

"If you are bored with Sonya, then Sonya will return you to the remainder of your harem!"

This makes you protest all the more, but to no avail. Your voice is still too muffled. You can hear very well, though. And, when Sonya tells the other harem girls one of them can have you next, there is a near-deafening chorus of "Me-No-Me's!"

There is a short interval when they quiet down at Sonya's suggestion to use the "shortest-straw" method of choosing. And, as it turns out, the girl with shortest straw is...

Your choices:

  1. ...Neda of Persia.
  2. ...Samira of Egypt.

Retrieved September 13, 2016