The Blonds Kisses

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By: northgate

She places you on a pillow and lays in front of you with her arms on each side of the pillow. She smiles at you and watches over you. There is no where to go and you order her to bring you the lamp but she just ignores you. A moment later her hands come up and start tearing at your robes. "Excuse me little sultan but I just can't seem to resist. You are so cute.", she giggles as she strips you naked.

"This must be the work of the genie", you think, "She is playing with me to get me to give her the last wish and her freedom. I need to come up with a wish that will keep her here but I also need my size back."

Before you can think this out your blond friend descends on you kissing your naked body all over. "Does Sonya's kisses feel good my little one?", she purrs.

You try to escape but her hands come back and her fingers pin you spread eagle on the pillow as her tongue assaults your entire body. Then she grabs you up and rolls on her back. She dangles you over her mouth by your legs and continues the treatment. Wanting even more she begins to suck on you like you were a piece of candy and her tongue now assaults you inside her mouth. "You taste so sweet", she giggles at you.

When she takes you out of her mouth for a minute you start screaming at her to let you go and to bring you the lamp. She pouts and says, "You don't like Sonya's kisses? Maybe you don't deserve my sweet kisses? So now what shall I do with you, you unappreciative little man?"

Your choices:

  1. She takes you back naked to the now equally horny harem
  2. She decides to punish you for not appreciating her.

Retrieved September 13, 2016