Enjoy the Blond's Breasts

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By: northgate

You immediately rush up to her breasts. You climb her one breast and and are immediately attracted to her perfect nipple. You play with it and kiss it over and over. Your giant harem girl is loving all the attention you are giving her and purrs with delight at your treatment. Her fingers play with your body at the same time encouraging you to keep going. She gives you a little playful push and you tumble down into the valley between her breasts and she giggles at you and gives you a squeeze between her breasts. You respond by climbing back up her other side to continue with her other nipple.

After a long while, she rolls to her side and you tumble down to the bed and her fingertips once again gently play with you until you are spent. As you lie there in total ecstasy you see the lamp lying across on the other side of the bed and you go over to make your third wish.

You approach the lamp and with all your breath you blow on it as hard as you can. A moment later Jasmine has reappeared and is standing at the bedside towering over you and smiling down. Your harem girl stirs from the other side of the bed and watches you.

"Do you enjoy your conquest, my master?", she asks and without hesitation continues, "Are you ready for your third wish now?"

"Yes", you reply full of lust and without thinking this through, "I want you to join my harem as my number one girl".

"I am a trustworthy genie", Jasmine tells you, "so I must warn you that your wish would be wasted. As soon as I grant it I would fulfill my debt to you and I would be free so you would no longer have me a moment later. Please wish for something else so I may be finally free after so many years in the lamp."

"No", you reply annoyed that you can not have her, "If I can't have you then you will not have your freedom either. I refuse to make a wish."

"So be it", Jasmine tells you, "But just remember as long as you don't make a wish you will remain tiny and this is a very big castle for such a little sultan." She blinks her eyes and begins to fade back into her lamp.

You want to ask her what that comment and the blink was about but before you can, you sense a behind you and turn around to see your blond harem girl on all fours on the bed behind you smiling overhead at you mischievously.

She says....

Your choices:

  1. It's time for more fun in bed, my little sultan
  2. It's time to go back to the harem, my little sultan

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