Joe Shrinks before a Petite Blond

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By: northgate

"I wish to become a sultan of a kingdom with a palace and a harem of the most beautiful women" responded Joe without any hesitation.

All of a sudden, he is transformed from his normal 5'6'' height to a 6'2'' muscular man, the sultan of a magnificent kingdom. In front of him, appears a large palace rising hundreds of meters high.

"Do you want to see inside?", Jasmine asks at which Joe nods enthusiastically.

Jasmine blinks and they are transports instantly into the main room of the harem and twenty of the most beautiful girls of the world surround him begging for an audience.

Joe inspects his new harem going over the girls several times while Jasmine returns to her lamp and await his next wish. After a few minutes, he selects a blond with dark tanned skin and bright green eyes. She is shorter than the average about 5' 2" but perfectly proportioned. Joe takes her by the hand and tells her to take him to lead him to his private quarters. She smiles at being the chosen girl while the others are a bit disappointed.

This girl quickly leads Joe down several long corridors till they finally reach a massive bed chambers fit for a king. Joe sits on the edge of the massive bed and motions for her to sit next to him. He asks her if she is ready to pleasure her sultan and she eagerly nods yes and reaches for his crotch to caress him but he stops her, "Not yet. I want to do something special with you".

He takes the lamp and blows on it and Jasmine reappears. "What is your next wish, master", she asks.

"I want you to make me very small", he replies, "so I may enjoy this girl as a giantess"

Jasmine smiles and says, "Your wish is my command". Instantly the already large bed now looks like a huge field and you look up to see your blond harem girl looking back down at you with an astonished look. Jasmine is already gone too.

"It is time to pleasure your sultan", you tell the girl who picks you up and hold you in the palm on her hand. She lightly stokes your body with her finger tip and playfully tugs at your clothes. You figure you must be about 4" tall to her.

You order her to put you down and strip for you. Your surprised as she places you on the floor in front of her and towers over you as she does a seductive strip tease. When she finishes she gets on her hands and knees and brings her face right up to your tiny figure. "Did my dance please you, master", she asks smiling. She sees your tiny hard on and already know the answer. "Let's get on the bed now", you tell her.

She stands up and sits on the edge of the bed. You are still on the floor and she extends her bare foot with her leg extended in front of you. "Climb up, my little sultan", she purrs.

You quickly respond ascending her leg until you reach her thigh. You survey her naked body laying on your bed and decide to proceed to her ....

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