Joe Find a Magic Lamp with a Genie Inside

By: northgate

Joe is a lonely twenty one year old who has been slacking around since dropping out of college with no plan or girlfriend.

He heads down to the beach on a cool late winter day and sees an ancient dirty lamp laying washed up on the abandoned beach by the water's edge. He picks up the lamp and blows the dirt off of it.

A moment later, pink smoke emerges from the opening in the lamp and a genie, in the form of the most gorgeous women he has ever seen, comes out of the bottle. She is wearing beautiful pure white genie costume with golden jewelry with large gems. Her outfit shows off her incredible breats and ass to him and Joe's tongue hangs out at the sight of her.

"My name is Jasmine and I am a genie of the bottle", she says, "As my new master you will be granted three and only three wishes and then I will be freed from your service"

Your choices:

  1. Joe wishes to be a sultan with a harem that he can enjoy as giantesses
  2. Joe wishes to be a sultan with a harem that he can have fun with.
  3. Joe wishes for a mansion and wealth

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